In just under ten years, Kate Headley has emerged as one of the leading, and most talented, young photographers in the country. Her singular style is unmatched. Working in medium format film, artfully incorporating a sense of time, place and movement, her images evoke instant nostalgia. Refined yet witty, classic but unconventional, familiar yet distinctive.

Rather than strictly adhere to a predetermined shooting script, Kate allows a wedding day to naturally unfold as she follows along to capture special moments. Every shot is taken with purpose. She believes unplanned images reflect the true beauty of a wedding day: a groom giving his new father-in-law a pat on the back as they share a laugh; a bride in a private moment with her grandfather before heading to the church; a newly married couple stealing a happy kiss. Fleeting moments caught and recorded for families to savor forever.

Lifelong loves of family and travel, and scholarship in history, art and museum studies, work together to inform Kate’s innovative approach to picture taking — a fresh and timeless twist on old-school wedding photography.